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Dear Purimgifts Creator,

Thank you for making me a thing!! I'm looking forward to reading/listening/viewing the things. Under the cut are some prompts and my very short DNW list.

Hamilton - Miranda, Hannibal (TV) - I'm into just about everything else about this show. Things I especially enjoy are:
Hamilton being brilliant and a jerk.
Hamilton/(&) Burr interpersonal dynamics
Hamilton/(&)Jefferson interpersonal dynamics
Jefferson and Madison being insufferable jerks together
Madison feeling under-appreciated and possibly ideologically betrayed by Hamilton after the Federalists Papers.
Character studies of any of the characters
Washington & Hamilton - Father issues or competency appreciation.
Angelica and Hamilton - Angst, pinning, fantasy, and/or practicality from either POV
Angelica, Eliza, Peggy - sisterhood in any combination.

There's really too much to list, as I said, it's mostly all good.
DNW Scat. Hamilton/Laurens

Hannibal - I love everyone on this show in any platonic, gen, shippy combination you want to write. I'm good with tone ranging from canon-level gore/violence to fluff. With that out of the way, some of the specific things I enjoy are:
- I'm putty for Will/Hannibal. Canon compliant, What If?, gen, slash, it's all good.
- Dr. Beverly Katz being competent, her as a member of team Sassy Science.
- Bella and Hannibal's ...friendship? Her betrayal after Hannibal thwarts the OD. Pretty much, all the Bella - what did she think of Jack when they first met, how hard did he have to WORK to win her. Her dealing with impending death, any and all.
- Dr. Du Maurier - I'd love a character study of her. I'd love to see her coming up with her plan to escape prosecution as - Hannibal's accessory.
- Freddie Lounds - character study - what drives her, why does she run such a sleazy tabloid, what are her goals in life?
- Molly Graham, - how did she and Will meet? How does she feel after Will disappears, her life goes on - how?
- Reba/Dolarhyde. Kinda wrong on many levels, but I found this story line to be ridiculously romantic.
- On the theme of kinda' wrong - I'm a huge Mason Verger fan. His cruelties from his POV, or from Margot's.
- I'm also a fan of minor characters - Miriam Lass, Kade Purnell, Cordell, 
- Alana Bloom shopping, changing her persona after Hannibal's attack.

Person of Interest (TV) Romantic, platonic, team, I'm mostly good with every character in this show. I especially enjoy:
Harold/(&)Nathan and Harold/(&)Reese - I like Harold's secretive personality contrasted against Nathan's exuberance and John's doggedness. Harold/(&)Nathan/(&)Reese is the fic of my dreams.

Shaw and Reese - sibling/teammates
Root/(&)The Machine
The Machine as a thinking, feeling, sentient being.
I LOVE Mark Snow and Kara Stanton. I also have a soft spot for Greer and Team Samaritan.

Character studies, episode tags, crazy AUs, give me all the things!!
DNW: Scat. Shaw/Root kink or smut. Shaw/Root introspection, non explicit romance, or pre-romantic is fine. Basically, I DNW a dose of violence/blood with my fic.
Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms - Hello. If we matched on this category then feel free to go crazy.
DNW: Scat
Star Trek: The Original Series - Hello. If we matched on this category then feel free to go crazy. McCoy is probably my fav. character from TOS, but I enjoy all the characters and themes.
DNW: Scat

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